Custom Fit Sandals for Personalized Comfort

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They are designed for your specific feet, giving you unparalleled comfort and improved biomechanics that no other sandal can provide.

Of the 7 billion people on this planet, person to person, from left to right, your feet are unique. We believe your footwear should be too!

Ergmics Custom Shoes Sandals are biomechanically designed to fit your unique feet—relieving joint discomfort, foot fatigue and even plantar fasciitis—so you can live and move comfortably.

Traditional flat flip flops are really bad for us. That’s no secret. So we said, f*ck that. Let’s design a sandal that not only looks good, it actually supports your body’s biomechanics throughout the day.

Traditional Flip Flops
Lack of arch support can cause issues in your feet, ankles, knees, hips and lower back.
Toe thongs can hurt like hell and cause blisters.
Poorly-fitting straps mean sliding feet, “toe scrunch” and soreness.
Lack of cushioning means more impact on your body.
Ergmics Custom Shoes Sandals

Triple-density foam footbeds give all-day comfort.
Deep, compressible heel cups absorb shock as you walk.
No-rub toe thongs with custom placement based on your foot width-- bye, bye blisters!
Custom-fit straps hold and support your feet with every step.

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Stride smoothly

Our oh-so-comfy deep contoured heel cup cradles and cushions your foot through every step.

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Do away with blisters

Do away with blisters. Enjoy the comfort of seamless, cushioned adjustable straps. No seams, plastic or rough spots mean less chafing and blisters.

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Say no to toe-thong trauma

Wiivv Sandals' extra-soft, knit toe thongs are designed as a complete upgrade from the painful plastic toe posts of traditional flip flops that tear away at your toes.