Lekong Handheld Lithium High Pressure Washer

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Wireless restraint, free car wash, 20v lithium battery, lightweight body, dual-purpose car, six-in-one gun head, 2.2MPa high water pressure, does not hurt the paint surface

Car wash without plugging in the wireless, more free scene switching at will
The new wireless unplugged washing machine is powered by five 2000mAh lithium battery packs, saying goodbye to the traditional water and power supply. Whether it is a community or other outdoor scenes, it can be easily controlled to keep your car clean at all times = clean and drive a "new car" every day.

Product model: LKOI-20V
Rated pressure: 22bar
Maximum pressure: 35bar
Rated flow: 120L/h
Maximum current: 160L/h
Motor power: 180W
Voltage/frequency: DC20V
Battery pack: 18650 2000mAh power lithium battery *5
Fast charger: 22V, 0.5A
Water pipe length: 6 meters
Product size: 275*213*68mm
Total weight (main citrus + battery pack): I.5Kg