Times think Jane life car wash water gun (with magic telescopic hose) water injection

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Best Sijian Life Car Water Gun
Easy flushing under strong water pressure
Simple design, one-button switch, two pressurization, convenient storage

Nordic minimalist remodeling car wash water gun
Different from the special-shaped water gun design in the market, the water gun design has been returned to the north simplicity through the improvement of internal structure. The whole part of the gun body is polished to fit the palm of the hand, and it is convenient to store.

Double pump pressurized pump with large flow
After the water flow passes through the telescopic pipe, it is pressurized for the first time, and then the water flow is accumulated again by the high-pressure water pump, and the high-pressure large-flow is instantly pumped out and the dirt is easily washed out by opening the switch.

Promise rotation to play with different splashes
With a slight twist, the splash spread like an umbrella. The shape of each rotation is different, and different spray shapes can be adjusted according to different cleaning parts.

Magic water pipe magic supercharging
New pressurized hose, TPE-body molding. When the water is not injected, the elasticity is large, and it can be stored easily.

Automatic drainage for better storage
Automatically remove the residual moisture in the tube, easy to wind, and store more
3 times telescopic 10 meters second to 30 meters
After water injection, the water pipe expands and prolongs rapidly, which can not only pressurize the water flow, but also extend the water pipe degree, and it can be easily rinsed no matter how far away.