Qingfly portable car vacuum cleaner

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Clearfly@Car Portable Vacuum Cleaner
Small stamina
Small and portable, powerful suction, wireless handheld, fast charging

Small space in the portable car
It can be placed in the center console storage box, water cup slot, car door pocket and other places in the car, does not occupy space, and can be reached by hand.
29.8cm height and 7cm diameter, 60% smaller than similar products

Strong suction
Absorb dust and debris easily
Multi-stage cyclone air pressure boost, the highest suction power can reach 5800Pa, turbo fan design, efficient and powerful motor, up to 32000 rpm, can easily suck up paper, soot, hair, flakes, seeds, coins, etc.
5800 Pa maximum suction
32000rpm maximum speed

fast charging
Once filled, it can be cleaned 4 times
Using 12V/2A fast charging technology, it can be fully charged in 1.5 hours. Two high-performance power batteries are cleverly designed inside the handle. The rear of the product's center of gravity brings a comfortable grip, while providing a strong and lasting source of power, working at full speed for 13 minutes.